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Celine release 2015 spring series continues the classic smiley package
French brand Celine (Celine) 2015 Spring Collection wholesale celine bags handbags new exposure, classic smiley package, box package and winter luxury fur series continue to extend, maintain a consistent and concise design and quality assurance. Meanwhile, the official website of the recent revision, provide details of the new season and the retail section of the package amount.
To order a few words to describe the brand Céline wholesale celine handbags 2014 autumn series, I think it probably is: simple, fearless, a little avant-garde. This time in the lead creative director Phoebe Philo, who will be a little old 1930s movies kinds of style combined with modern minimalist approach, integration in this series. Whether it is color, fabric material selection, to the details like the obvious wholesale celine bags china sewing foot, etc., and jewelry, in addition to still retain part simple single lines, but also additional chain and a large area of ​​a rough comparison of the Western model offered a flexible metal material surface, in In line with a slight female masculinity, Céline re-interpretation of all men and women pure and cheap wholesale celine bags indivisible side.
Celine (Celine) Belt handbags, by definition, to a clean and simple knot slim leather belt, throughout the bag body, to inject a touch of elegant appearance and lively taste. Neat clamshell cut, and tie decorated with a perfect fit. Under the flip, zipper Twill wholesale celine bags online built close design adds practicality and safety. Flip and handle the use of clever design, totally see any metal parts on the exterior, with high standards of cortical selection and processing, the whole bag body is more lightweight feel. We have the color navy blue, black, gray, milk white, rich choice of monochrome or color brown, celine bags wholesale suitable to the different needs of everyday dress, no wonder a number of Fashionable people choose it as a good partner out to the streets!
Recently, Céline (Celine) released 2015 spring and summer haute couture collection in Paris Fashion Week. Designer Phoebe Philo has always been keen to show a contemporary minimalist art style and create real women, which still reflected most buy wholesale celine bags vividly in the season. This season also brings sweet flavor female, figurative Floral become the protagonist of one of the show, but Céline sweet girl obviously richer connotation, thanks to inclusion therein of different colors or solid color fabric, and contains moderate avant-garde sense of asymmetric profile shape, which not buy wholesale celine handbags only did not bring unexpected sense, but Aspect full.
French brand Celine (Celine) 2014 autumn and winter series release large fashion, supermodel Daria Werbowy and Natalie Westling common interpretation endorsement appearance, fashion photographer Juergen Teller perform mirror.
French brand Celine (Celine) 2014 autumn and cheap wholesale celine handbags winter series release large fashion, supermodel Daria Werbowy and Natalie Westling common interpretation endorsement appearance, fashion photographer Juergen Teller perform mirror.
France Celine Celine, has always been the wholesale cheap celine bags pursuit of one brand of female friends. Design, show independent elegant, intellectual fashion, creative and contemporary image of women. Recently, Celine to "neoclassical" as the theme, launched a new handbag Belt, in the harvest season, the introduction of a new color trumpet Tie handbags.
Celine, regardless of design or selection, are quite abundant wholesale replica celine fine, so gorgeous and comfortable coexistence, elegant but not feel bound female interpretation of elegance. CELINE represents a new way of life.