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Nostalgia silence! Celine (Celine) 2015 early spring Ad Campaign
Celine (Celine) 2015 large ad finally wholesale celine bags exposed early spring, according to supermodel Dalia Polje (Daria Werbowy) continue to perform, photographer Tyrone Lebon Zhang Jing. Compared extremely cool autumn colors, vivid obviously a lot of early spring 2015. While knitting a single product still exists, but the thin section texture and color blends weaving, color differences are obviously a lot. wholesale celine handbags The pure white leather accessories for overall lighting.
CÉLINE (Celine) Shanghai Boutique Plaza has been officially opened, which is following the London CÉLINE Monte Street, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Tokyo Omotesando shop, and a unique sense of boutiques, expressing the brand continue to expand China market determination.
The new boutique CELINE boutiques Shanghai Plaza flagship store wholesale celine bags china in London continue CÉLINE design concept store is divided into two levels, the business area of ​​236 square meters. CÉLINE store design brings a consistent research and innovation, highlighting respect for fine craftsmanship, rare materials. Focuses on fine lines and details both the design and function at the same time, CÉLINE also at the casual warmth and rich touch of femininity, which runs through unforgettable. Combining classic and modern, a sense of strength and comfort cheap wholesale celine bags co-exist in harmony.
Gray marble facades and marble floor echoes perfectly presented against the background of the store CÉLINE clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories first. Store display exhibition stands have been designed: the green marble floor shop window, specially selected unique textures, mannequins dangling hang in the windows, brand classic handbag is carefully placed on the shop floor sculpture resin niche located, and Accessories to stand wholesale celine bags online in the precious black onyx stone in the window display. Garment district on the second floor, decorated with a unique artistic light golden bronze chandelier, with the turn of echoes form a comfortable seat handle copper quiet sitting area, marble coffee table is placed carefully designed for CÉLINE to create art glass. Danish artist FOS and CÉLINE together again, designed a series of distinctive works of art, including the door of a floor lamp, chandelier and seating shop located in the garment district, celine bags wholesale located in the second floor of the shop flavonoids finish polishing jewelry boxes and resin sculpture niches to set off the store refined, rigorous design aesthetic.

Marco Gobbetti CÉLINE Global CEO, said: "Following the success of last May in Beijing for the first time held a press conference after the 2014/15 winter clothing, we have to reinstall the opening of the Shanghai Hang Lung shop looking forward buy wholesale celine bags to it also means, CÉLINE in the expanding Chinese market. on a solid step forward in the road. Needless to say, the Chinese market and Chinese customers is critical for CÉLINE terms.
In November 2014, to celebrate the CÉLINE Shanghai Boutique Plaza reload opening brand will introduce a mini pretty blue python leather handbags Tie, ten limited and low-key in the inside of each bag and seal with the words "SHANGHAI"buy wholesale celine handbags respectively Its unique serial number of the golden mark, unique collection.

Tie handbags continue CÉLINE consistently superb superb traditional leather craftsmanship and skill to knot as a unique combination of decorative handle and large packages covered, has become the biggest highlight of the Tie Series handbags. Exquisite hand knot techniques, with immaculate treasure python leather material, perfectly demonstrated the overall design and details of cheap wholesale celine handbags the deal.

Tie Series handbag bag cover, particularly in the ingenuity details inside and outside and interlayer of three thicknesses, and can be positioned on the inside or outside the bag, and the whole body shape is very docile; both sides of the section of the wholesale cheap celine bags package with design Triangle shape provides a greater use of space, but also to increase availability of more structured sense of the overall shape and taste.

This limited edition mini Tie python skin handbag is CÉLINE after May this year in the 2014-15 winter series Beijing conference to launch China Limited Mini Orange Tie handbags, and again for the Chinese market launch of the limited wholesale replica celine edition handbags to celebrate Shanghai, Hang Lung Opening boutique Square.